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Network Design, Build and Support

Network Design, Build and Support

One Wholesale's network design and build services can assist you if you already have your own network, but need to make it more efficient. We can also help if you want your own network, but don’t have the critical mass required to buy directly from Chorus.


Give up playing the trombone

If your network is using resources inefficiently, because your services are tromboning up and down the country before they’re delivered to customers, we can reduce your traffic and increase bandwidth availability.

Become the business you want to be

Our design and build services can help you realise network goals, by making sure you have the right infrastructure at the end of the cables. When you leave the technical arrangements to us, you can focus on getting your messages to market and gaining customers. We’ll get the data moving time and cost efficiently, while you capture the cornerstone customers that will cement your place in the market.

Support Services

Our engineering resource is available 24/7 to ensure your network maintains the highest degree of reliability. You don’t need to invest in technical staff, because One has all the engineering expertise you’ll ever need.

Tell us what you need to make your business prosper.

As New Zealand’s first and only solely-wholesale carrier services provider, One Wholesale is ready to support your success. Our resources are your resources.
Call us on 0800 001 619 or send an email enquiry.